A chance for everyone — get additional shares of hash power for free and without requirements. Simply share your invitation link and receive hash power shares if your new invitee makes a purchase. Expand your networks up to 3 levels with up to 9% commission on each hashpower purchase. Totally automated and without limits!

+6%Level 1 (Direct)
+2%Level 2
+1%Level 3

Create your own 3-tier Partner Network

Every AvalonHash member receives a personal invitation link when creating an account. Share your link easily and expand your network with every new registration. You will receive a +6% share on any amount of hash power that your direct invitee purchases. If that invitee now follows your example and also recruits new users, you will receive +3% on their acquired hash power and +1% on an additional final level on their invitees.

  • Register your account quickly and easily
  • Share your personal affiliate link to invite new users
  • Receive up to +9% extra hash power if your invitees make a purchase