Customer satisfaction is our priority! In order to help you as quickly as possible or answer your questions, we have provided you with the most frequently asked and important questions about our service.

How do I get free hash power to mine Bitcoins for free?

Currently, we have a limited promotion going on, which directly assigns 1500 GH/s of hash power to every new user after registration, in order to mine Bitcoins with it. This bonus is one time only! Alternatively, you can always join our partner program to get additional hash power shares.
Please note that only accounts with an active investment plan or accounts that have referred users with an active investment plan are eligible for withdrawals. This is a measure to minimize bot activity on our website.

What is the Partner Program and what is it about?

Our affiliate program allows every member to get additional shares of Hashpower for free and with no requirements. Each member receives a personal invitation link, which you can share with others. Any subsequent invitations through this link and resulting purchases of hash power by the newly invited user will reward you with a percentage of their hash power amount.
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How much are the fees and setup costs?

AvalonHash charges absolutely no fees when setting up, purchasing, withdrawing or otherwise! However, we would like to point out that the Bitcoin technology and the Bitcoin network requires a small amount of fees for each transaction in order to function. This is unfortunately out of our control and cannot be influenced by us. AvalonHash does not plan to introduce additional fees of any kind!

How long is my purchased Bitcoin Cloud Miner hardware actively mining?

All of our hardware is actively available before any purchase is made and is actively mining Bitcoins at all times. Every purchase and upgrade of new allocated hash power for you is guaranteed to be available for at least 2 years to mine Bitcoins — most likely longer, as we do not set fixed limits for our customers!

Why are my purchases of hash power or payouts delayed?

Delays may occur in any Bitcoin transaction. A delay between 5 and 60 minutes is completely normal. However, this is due to Bitcoin technology and the Bitcoin network. AvalonHash does not have the influence to affect this in any way. Depending on the time of day, the Bitcoin network may be more or less busy and delays may vary. You can speed up transactions by specifying higher Bitcoin transaction fees.

What is the limit of maximum hash power that can be purchased?

We do not impose direct limits on our customers. The total purchase and upgrade of new hash power has no limits. However, there are technical limitations in our network such as the maximum possible total usage. However, this is unlikely to be achieved in the near future and will be constantly monitored and expanded as needed.

What are the restrictions per individual purchase of hash power?

Minimum price for new hash power per transaction: 0.00055.
Maximum price for new hash power per transaction: 4.75.
Due to the way the Bitcoins network works, we have to set smaller limits on individual transactions such as upgrading new hash power per purchase. However, these are only for individual purchases and transactions. There is always the possibility to split your upgrade of hash power into multiple smaller purchases.

If I have questions or problems, how can I contact an employee directly?

Generally, all of our systems are largely automated and function on a self-operating basis. To ensure functionality, all our networks and digital nodes, both online and offline, are constantly monitored and maintained. However, if you still need direct and personal support, don't hesitate to contact us at any time. Our experts are available for you around the clock. Contact details can be found here.